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500 Rep Challenge

500 Rep Challenge

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Right now, you're here because you:

Want to be healthy but feels like you don't have the time to workout

Need direction and clarity on how to workout different body parts

Want to hit a certain bodygoal

Want a clear training program that you can do at home or at the gym

Or are looking for a strong community of like minded people on the same journey of healthy and happy living

Well... WE GOTCHU!!!!


Over the next 30 days we will honor our bodies through movement, Accomplishing 15,000 reps in 30 days! Everyday we will complete 500 rep towards our goal. You will complete each routine the best you can, after every workout you will track your completion time and have opportunities to challenge yourself to beat your original times on the weekends.  The goal is to get moving everyday!

These workouts are welcome to everyone, you will be able to modify or intensify your workout. This is a personal challenge to do the best you possibly can no matter what fitness level you are at.

All workouts will be about 20 minutes long! This is an at-home program, requires minimum equipment, and is designed to boost metabolism and help you reach your goals! 

In addition to the workouts, you will also have access to the Committed Hearts Community Private Group for additional support - because we all need a tribe of like-minded individuals

Let’s get ready to build new healthy, sustainable habits while working hard and having fun!

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