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How Far You Go & How Much You Grow depends on what you BELIEVE about you!

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My Story

I'm still looking for words...but let me start by saying THANK YOU for stopping by my website! Committed Minds is a business ran by ME, Nathalie! I am a full SHE-EO out here: I am the design team, the creator, the media production team, the coaching staff! I am also a mom of 3 incredible boys and a joy spreader learning, growing, and evolving in this raising babies & a business thing!

the incredibles sons

Committed Minds was created to encourage, inspire, and be a blessing to others through coaching (life + wellness) and the messaging of my apparel brand. MINDSET + COMMITMENT are the biggest requirements for change. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life! Decide and Commit! 

We Are Committed Minds.

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You Got Impact

believe there’s something special about allowing your life or your clothing to make a statement before you ever have to open your mouth. I have some very exciting things coming your way! Thank you for following, supporting, shopping, and trusting me with your journey.

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The Process

The path of pleasure and ease never leads to glory.
I had to be forged in fire to see His Glory in my life.
He's not done... BRB.